Workers' Compensation Defense Attorneys

Rucker & Rucker, P.C. represents employers and insurance companies that provide workers' compensation coverage. Workers' compensation claims can be a financial burden on Middle Tennessee businesses and their insurers. Rucker & Rucker, P.C. has helped its clients keep those costs down and makes sure its clients are aware of the changes in workers' compensation laws.

The attorneys at Rucker & Rucker, P.C. are prepared to represent employers and insurers in claims related to virtually any work-related injury. New workers' compensation laws in Tennessee require that an employer retain a lawyer to represent it in hearings and settlement negotiations. Rucker & Rucker, P.C. works closely with clients to develop a legal strategy based on the evidence and client's goals. The firm is also available to represent employees injured in the workplace.

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For more information about Rucker & Rucker, P.C., please contact the firm at its Murfreesboro office. The firm can be reached at 615-900-5791 or via its online email form.