A Personal Injury Law Firm

Rucker & Rucker, P.C. has earned a reputation for providing high-quality legal representation in personal injury litigation. The attorneys at Rucker & Rucker, P.C. understand personal injury law on both sides, having spent decades representing insurance companies in auto accident liability cases and in recovering money paid as a result of someone's negligence. We are available to represent both insurance companies and individuals and/or businesses who have been sued for personal injury.

After being retained by a party to an accident, we will thoroughly investigate the incident and use the evidence and the law to prepare the strongest possible case on the client's behalf. That gives our clients a significant edge in settlement negotiations and in the courtroom.

As medical malpractice lawyers, Rucker & Rucker, P.C. regularly represents medical providers and malpractice insurers. The firm's attorneys are well-known for their capable representation and advice through the complexities of health care liability litigation.

Consultations Available

To contact the personal injury firm of Rucker & Rucker, P.C., please call 615-900-5791 or visit this website's Contact page to fill out the online intake form.